Selector’s Statement

This year there were a lot more submitted films than before, which made my work more comprehensive and final selection, better in quality. It is also an indication that this festival is growing on the world’s festival chart as well as that one-minute form becomes more inspiring for film authors. Thematically speaking, this year there were many documentary films with an ecological message, including the film “Blue Danube” by the author Srdjan Sarovic. Among others, I would recommend animated film “Lettter From Mom” by Dani Kassander, as well as several films by the famous master of one-minute form, Robert David Duncan. 

See you at the festival!
Marko Kostic (film director, Belgrade)




Selected films on the festival MISTER VORKY, 2018


1. My Name Was.

Director: Robert David Duncan

Canada, 2018, Experimental


2. Drain Brain.

Director: Robert David Duncan

Canada, 2018, Experimental


3. Hey, Man.

Director: Robert David Duncan

Canada, 2018, Experimental


4. There is a whole life in my balcony.

Director: Santi Spadaro

Italy, 2016, Experimental


5. Sleep again.

Director: Angela Semionas

Germany, 2017, Experimental


6. Incoming Call.

Directors: Daniel Hernández Torrado, Juan Ramón Robles

Spain, 2016, Experimental


7. Habitants.

Director: Ileana Andrea Gomez Gavinoser

Argentina, 2017, Animation


8. Urbes Voyeur.

Director: Ileana Andrea Gomez Gavinoser

Argentina, 2017, Animation


9. Goat.

Director: Boğaçhan Ahmet İlyas Uzun

Turkey, 2018, Fiction


10. Stay with me.

Directors: Nahuel Srnec, Eduardo Hunter

Argentina, 2016, Fiction, horror, comedy


11. Bus Stop.

Director: Daniel Sanches Ribeiro

United States, 2017, Fiction


12. Loop.

Director: Gen Ueda

Belgium, 2017, Experimental


13. Time.

Director: Martin Neveu

France, 2017,Fiction, Experimental


14. Damn Volvoxes.

Director: Arthur Omarov

Russian Federation, 2013, Fiction


15. Cigarette.

Director: Mahdi Souhani

Iran, Islamic Republic of, 2017, Fiction


16. Motorcycle Ride.

Director: Arjanmar Rebeta

Philippines, 2017, Fiction


17. Live.

Director: Vasilis Stavropoulos

Greece, 2018, Fiction


18. The Ghost Boat.

Director: Octavian Repede

Romania, 2017, Experimental


19. Esculturas Vivas.

Director: Almir Correia

Brazil, 2016, Experimental


20. Water Wagina.

Director: Almir Correia

Brazil, 2017, Experimental


21. The mind of an artist.

Director: Xinning Liu

United Kingdom, 2017, Animation


22. Love in three acts.

Director: Pascal Adam

Belgium, 2018, Animation


23. How to Direct the Movie of Your Life.

Director: Kenneth J Harvey

Canada, 2017, Experimental


24. To No One.

Director: Ashley Kramer

United States, 2017, Experimental


25. Fossils.

Directors: Tanya Jaiswal, Mayank Modi

India, 2017, Animation


26. Why History Matters.

Director: Olena Maksymova

United Kingdom, 2018, Animation


27. Night Stalkers.

Director: Bruno Veljanovski

Macedonia, the former Yugoslav Republic of, 2017, Fiction


28. Tea Shop.

Director: Pavan Konala

India, 2016, Fiction


29. Shrimp Coctail.

Director: Aviv Shleyfman

Israel, 2018, Fiction


30. Igniter.

Director: Anete Tambaka

Latvia, 2018, Experimental


31. Running Sushi.

Directors: Stepan Etrych, Jan Petrak

Czech Republic, 2018, Animation


32. Human.

Director: James William

United States, 2017, Animation


33. Space Collapse.

Director: David Valverde Martínez

Spain, 2017, Experimental


34. Porter’s Lodge.

Director: Ainhoa C. Vilardell

Spain, 2017, Documentary


35. Blow VHS.

Director: Rahul Bhushan

India, 2018, Experimental


36. Apmaan.

Director: Partha Mahanta

India, 2017, Animation


37. See you in the Future.

Director: Tushar Waghela

India, 2017, Fiction


38. Bismoy. (Astonished)

Director: Abyed Hasan Nirjhor

Bangladesh, 2017, Fiction


39. Triangulation.

Director: Volodymyr Vlasenko

Ukraine, 2016, Animation


40. Mom whatever.

Director: Nadiya Bilokon

Ukraine, 2017, Animation


41. Clara.

Director: Dave Merson Hess

United States, 2016, Animation


42. Cousins of clouds.

Director: Romain Claris

France, 2017, Animation


43. Dream Dance.

Director: Khorvash (Coline) Khayati

United States, 2017, Animation, Experimental


44. Sea.

Director: Hristina Belousova

Uzbekistan, 2017, Documentary


45. The Last Cruise.

Director: Hristina Belousova

Uzbekistan, 2018, Animation


46. Amelia.

Director: Nicholas Bertini

Italy, 2016, Animation


47. Time to say Goodbye.

Director: Ajitesh Sharma

India, 2017, Fiction


48. Sticker-Mation.

Director: Theo Sparks

United Kingdom, 2017, Animation


49. One minute to live.

Director: Ivan Perekatov

Russian Federation, 2018, Fiction


50. Spread.

Director: Gözde Atalay

Turkey, 2018, Experimental


51. Heat Death.

Director: Ellie Larkin

United Kingdom, 2018, Experimental


52. A City In Japan.

Director: Çetin Kerem Akbaş

Turkey, 2017, Experimental


54. 3rd Date.

Director: Veronica Solomon

Germany, 2018, Animation


54. Umbra ex-machina

Director: Ardian-Christian Kyçyku

Romania, 2018, Experimental


55. Conversations.

Director: Adedolapo Boluwatife

Nigeria, 2018, Documentary


56. Low Battery.

Director: María Chiban

Argentina, 2017, Animation


57. Behind the Frame.

Director: Andrés Swida

Argentina, 2017, Animation


58. Letter From Mom.

Director: Dani Kassander

United States, 2018, Animation


59. Sincerely Anthony.

Director: Max Shoham

Canada, 2017, Animation


60. Consumed.

Director: Max Shoham

Canada, 2016, Animation


61. Unauthorized.

Director: Kara Tsenov

Canada, 2016, Experimental


62. Hoe Street.

Director: Gemma Rigg

United Kingdom, 2018, Animation


63. Walk.

Director: Beatriz Torres Rivero

Spain, 2017, Fiction


64. Shoot.

Director: Herminio Cardiel

Spain, 2017, Fiction


65. A film about nothing.

Directors: Megan Derbyshire, Noah Licona

United States, 2018, Fiction


66. Contre vents. (Against winds)

Director: Blas Payri

Spain, 2018, Experimental


67. Instrument.

Director: Abedin Mohammadi

Iran, Islamic Republic of, 2016, Animation


68. In Transit.

Director: Jacqueline Kooter

Netherlands, 2017, Animation


69. Space Collapse episode 12.

Director: David Valverde Martínez

Spain, 2017, Experimental


70. Relative.

Director: Manuel Rodarte

Mexico, 2016, Fiction


71. Down. (Dole)

Režija: Kristina Tica

Srbija, 2017, Eksperimentalni


72. Retweet.

Director: Cristina Vilches Estella

Spain, 2017, Animation

73. No Molestar (Do Not Disturb)

Director: Mentxu Sesar

Spain, 2018, Fiction


74. The Blue Danube (Plavi Dunav)

Režija: Srđan Šarović

Srbija, 2013, Dokumentarni


75. AR – 15s Around the Glock.

Director: Daniel Maw

United States, 2018, Animation


76. Animated Micro Poems.

Director: Elena Sáenz

Spain, 2017, Animation, Experimental


77. Life in a Pool.

Director: Adam Herdanto

Indonesia, 2018, Advertising


78. Wasted World.

Director: Jamillah van der Hulst

Netherlands, 2018, Documentary


79. Vanishing Point.

Director: Evdokiya Mazhurina

Canada, 2017, Fiction


80. Bringing schools to where there are none.

Director: Gianmarco D’Agostino

Italy, 2018, Advertising


81. Dolphin and Whale Watching.

Director: Dora Doko

Hrvatska, 2018, Experimental


82. Bush.

Director: Anna Burholt

United States, 2018, Experimental


83. TQ.

Director: Daniel Padró

Spain, 2018, Fiction


84. Textinquest.

Director: Vera Sebert

Germany, 2016, Experimental


85. Dance Terror.

Directors: Linnea Bäckström,Hannes Larsson,Bowen Smith

Sweden, 2017, Fiction


86. An Ordinary Day.

Director: Adam Herdanto

Indonesia, 2018, Documentary


87. A Solution.

Director: Fazlollah Tari

Iran, Islamic Republic of, 2016, Animation


88. Devils work. (Vražija posla)

Director: Višeslav Radić

Hrvatska, 2018, Fiction


89. Free Ticket.

Director: Sanjay Sanwal

India, 2017, Experimental, Advertising


90. One Minute Love.

Director: Negin Aminzadeh

Iran, Islamic Republic of, 2016, Fiction


91. Home.

Director: Egor Kharlamov

Russian Federation, 2016, Animation


92. A believer.

Director: Kenta Crisà

Italy, 2018, Fiction, Experimental


93. Time.

Director: Behzad Baradaran Salmani

Iran, Islamic Republic of, 2016, Experimental


94. Rip Pole.

Director: Jorge Yudice

Spain, 2017, Fiction


95. Kalidasa.

Director: Amrit Raj

India, 2018, Experimental


96. Dollar Bill.

Director: Ryan Paulk

United States, 2017, Experimental


97. Ying.

Director: Ivan Panchenko

Ukraine, 2017, Animation


98. Barcelona.

Director: Hannah Lau-Walker

United Kingdom, 2018, Animation


99. Little Monster.

Director: Abigail Rose Karl

United States, 2017, Fiction


100. Tripped.

Director: Muhammad Salman Aslam

Pakistan, 2018, Fiction


101. Orlie.

Director: Lino Balmes

Philippines, 2017, Fiction


102. In The name of God.

Director: Hamed Nobari

Iran, Islamic Republic of, 2017, Fiction


103. Too late it was…

Director: Mohammadreza Keshavarz

Iran, Islamic Republic of, 2018, Documentary


104. The Mind Of An Artist.

Director: ChenZhong Liu

United Kingdom, 2017, Animation


105. Climate change.

Director: Shannon McGavin

United States, 2017, Animation


106. Indigo.

Director: Ignacio F. Rodó

Spain, 2017, Fiction


107. Stuck.

Director: Frøydis Fossli Moe

United Kingdom, 2018, Fiction


108. In The Air.

Director: Keegan Larwin

United States, 2015, Experimental


109. Armahatton.

Directors: Brian Bovi, Eric De Oliveira

Luxembourg, 2013, Fiction


110. Perspective.

Director: Riyadh Haque

United Kingdom, 2013, Fiction


111. Habitat

Director: Max Henrique

Brazil, 2017, Experimental


112. La Dulce Memoria.(The Sweet Memory)

Director: Pablo de Tomas Esponera

Spain, 2018, Fiction


113. War Ning.

Director: Paolo Fsntini

Italy, 2018, Documentary


114. For A Lifetime.

Director: Bartosz Kruhlik

Poland, 2018, Advertising


115. If you Hear This.

Director: Bartosz Kruhlik

Poland, 2017, Advertising


116. Memories train.

Director: Francisco Pradilla

Spain, 2018, Experimental