Given that the topic of the accompanying program of this year’s festival is titled “Nature and Film”, the competition program will also offer a large number of films with an ecological theme. Like many authors which films are selected, I consider that in this case the content is more important than the form and the information is more important than quality, so every registered film on the topic of environmental pollution, ecosystem protection and the spread of environmental awareness is included in the selection. Domestic authors also showed ecological motivation and engagement, so the number of Serbian films in the selection is higher than in previous years. We will also remind you of the performances of “Forest Murmurs” and “Fingal’s Cave” by Slavko Vorkapich, in which, as an example of these artistic films on the subject of nature, Vorkapich interpreted the very nature of film art.

Marko Kostić (film director, Belgrade)

Selected films on the festival 


1. Thanks Bowzer
Director: Robert David Duncan
Canada, 2018, Experimental

2. Dumpster Diva
Director: Robert David Duncan
Canada, 2019, Experimental

3.In The World
Director: Chris Furby
United Kingdom, 2017, Experimental

4. One
Director: Roman Sinitsyn
Russian Federation, 2018, Fiction

5. Different forms of Building
Director: Finn Harvor
Canada, 2019, Experimental

6. Money
Director: Martin Dinkov
France, 2018, Fiction

7. Narcissus
Director: Liu Jialiang
China, 2018, Animation

8. Through a Mirror Dorkly
Director: Larry Loc
United States, 2019, Animation

9. Milpa
Director: Victor Manuel Mendez Villanueva
Mexico, 2017, Documentary

10. Wasted
Directors: Pratik Dey, Dhiman Sengupta
India, 2018, Animation

11. 2Faces
Director: Amingo Thora
Martinique, 2018, Fiction

12. The River
Director: Jeremy Newman
United States, 2017, Experimental

13. Hoe Street: Sharon
Director: Gemma Rigg
United Kingdom, 2018, Animation

14. Dream Drum Dream
Directors: Ileana Andrea, Gomez Gavinoser
Argentina, 2019, Animation

15. Feel the burn
Director: Rahim Moledina
United Kingdom, 2017, Experimental

16. For A Better Life
Director: Reza Golchin
Iran, Islamic Republic of, 2018, Documentary

17. To Bee, or Not to Be
Director: Branislav R. Tatalović
United States, 2018, Documentary

18. Good neighborliness
Director: Tomer Werechson
Israel, 2017, Fiction

19. Homesick
Director: Kristina Kalatschan
United States, 2019, Experimental

20. The Wall
Director: David Valverde Martínez
Spain, 2018, Experimental

21. Beach Head Trip
Director: Finn Harvor
Canada, 2019, Experimental

22. Love is Love
Director: Alessia Pischedda
Italy, 2018, Fiction

23. El Yolero
Director: Oscar Guzmán
Dominican Republic, 2017, Experimental

24. Caged
Director: Elise Lamb
Australia, 2019, Fiction

25. Mirror
Director: Stanislav Domansky
Czech Republic, 2018, Experimental

26. Elementale/ Elemental
Director: Valentina Confuorto
Italy, 2018, Experimental

27. Bezizlaz #1 / Impasse #1
Director: Filip Markovinović
Srbija, 2019, Animation

28. Bezizlaz #2 / Impasse #2
Director: Filip Markovinović
Srbija, 2019, Animation

29. Bezizlaz #3 / Impasse #3
Director: Filip Markovinović
Srbija, 2019, Animation

30. The Religion
Director: Burak Kum
Turkey, 2018, Experimental

31. Mr Ciggy and Buddha….!!
Director: Manisha Gupta
India, 2019, Animation

32. Extreme Proximity
Director: Lukasz Lewenda
Poland, 2019, Experimental

33. Ange noir, ange blanc
Director: Blas Payri
Spain, 2018, Experimental

34. State of Liberty/ Second chapter- different perspective
Director: Vanja Mervič
Slovenia, 2018, Experimental

35. Brother
Director: Vladimir Konarev
Russian Federation, 2017, Fiction

36. Imagine
Director: Keegan Larwin
United States, 2018, Experimental

37. 60 Seconds
Director: Vladimir Konarev
Russian Federation, 2018, Fiction

38. My Story: Paul
Director: Jamillah van der Hulst
Netherlands, 2018, Documentary

39. My story: Kannadoss
Director: Jamillah van der Hulst
Netherlands, 2018, Documentary

40.Bison Trail
Director: Matthew Dorzweiler
United Statess, 2019, Documentary

41. Roti
Director: Kiki Febriyanti
Indonesia, 2018, Fiction

42. Wizard Garden
Director: Jeanne Stern
United States, 2018, Animation

43. Longing for happiness
Director: Natalia Sukhova
Russian Federation, 2019, Experimental

44. Kaveh
Director: Mohammad Farajzadeh
Iran, Islamic Republic of, 2018, Documentary

45. Pop
Directors: Hubert Jégat, Yohan Vioux
France, 2016, Experimental

46. No War
Director: Abedin Mohammadi
Iran, Islamic Republic of, 2018, Experimental

47. Dearection
Director: Ardian-Christian Kyçyku
Romania, 2018, Experimental

48. Stones on the path
Director: Diogo Pessoa de Andrade
Portugal, 2017, Documentary

49. Death of the World
Director: Evrim İnci
Turkey, 2016, Experimental

50. Country of opportunity
Director: Yury Sysoev
Russian Federation, 2018, Fiction

51. Morning
Directors: Elena Marchenko, Olga Bazhenova, Mariya Marchenko
Russian Federation, 2018, Animation

52. Photographers
Directors: Jacob B Jacob, Jasmin Jose
India, 2019, Experimental

53. Superhero
Directors: Stephan & Andrew Robinson
Hungary, 2019, Fiction

54. Robot Love
Director: Craig Hills
United States, 2018, Animation

55. Semantics 1: Nationalism and Patriotism
Director: Aroop Dwivedi
India, 2018, Animation

56. Semantics 2:Politics
Director: Aroop Dwivedi
India, 2018, Animation

57. The Eternal Footman
Directors: Pamela Falkenberg, Jack Cochran
United States, 2016, Experimental

58. Home
Director: Matthew Middendorf
United States, 2018, Fiction

59. groWING
Directors: Chen Lai Yu Anastasia, Poo Ching Yan, Tang Sin Yee
Hong Kong, 2019, Animation

60. Speedometer
Director: Rajesh Kumar J.
India, 2018, Animation

61. Save the planet
Director: Monoartistas
Argentina, 2018, Experimental

62. White Elephant
Director: André Almeida Rodrigues
Portugal, 2019, Documentary

63. The effect butterfly or of my act
Director: Vladimir Bayandin
Russian Federation, 2019, Experimental,

64. Check the Box
Director: Daniel Appleby
United States, 2018, Experimental

65. Hello, we are watching you
Director: Jeroen Van der Stock
Japan, 2019, Experimental

66. Un/re/veal/ed
Director: Ece Ezer
Slovenia, 2018, Experimental

67. Zoe – the Bee/ Zoe- pčela
Director: Danijel Suhanji
Srbija, 2019, Dokumentary

68. Peace / Мир
Director: Orest Smilyanetz
Ukraine, 2014, Experimental

69. Say Cheese!
Director: Vijay S. Jodha
India, 2013, Documentary

70. I won’t come
Director: Mustapha Benghernaout
Algeria, 2018, Fiction

71. Her Story
Director: Henok Weldegebrial
Ethiopia,2018 , Animation

72. Chirality vault
Director: Giovanni Ficetola
Italy, 2018, Experimental

73. Aaaanibar
Director: Britt Raes
Belgium, 2018, Animation

74. Test+
Director: Mikhail Koviazin
Russian Federation, 2019, Fiction

75. Unhappy lonely monster
Director: Ivan Maximov
Russian Federation, 2019, Animation

76. Landkaufprojekt Amazonas
Director: Marcus Grysczok
Germany, 2019, Animation

77. Ideas Are Coming
Director: Nэno Bэlchэv
Bulgaria, 2019, Animation

78. Interrogation (or Legalized Psychopath)
Director: Moisés Pantolfi
Brazil, 2019, Animation

79. Raskolnikov
Director: Moisés Pantolfi
Brazil, 2018, Animation

80. Memory.
Director: Serena Scharn
United States, 2018, Experimental

81. Dialog of the lights
Director: Dario Ricciardi
Argentina, 2019, Experimental

82. The future
Director: Ирина Юрченко
Ukraine, 2019, Experimental

83. I stayle have youre eyes
Director: Hamid Haghjoo
Iran, Islamic Republic of, 2019, Animation

84. How many?
Director: Solmaz Etemad
Iran, Islamic Republic of, 2019, Documentary

85. One natural minute
Director: Jeroen ter Welle
Netherlands, 2018, Experimental

86. Winter’s haïku (7)
Director: Muriel Montini
France, 2019, Experimental

87. Winter’s haïku (3)
Director: Muriel Montini
France, 2019, Experimental

88. Winter’s haïku (2)
Director: Muriel Montini
France, 2019, Experimental

89. Like a ghost
Director: Diego Jorquera
Chile, 2017, Experimental

90.Telesni lavirint/ Body maze
Director: Petar Bačkonja
Srbija, 2019, Animation

91. Mother India lives in his heart
Director: Rahim Moledina
United Kingdom, 2017, Experimental

92. Portret bika? Subverzija!/ Portrait of a Bull? Subversion!
Director: Sreten Vuković
Srbija, 2019, animation

93. Just Another Day In The Usa
Director: Edward Lyon
United Kingdom, 2017, Experimental

94.El Jinete Presumido/ The prisoned rider
Director: Antonio Bellido Marin
Spain, 2018, animation

95. Simetria/ Symmetry
Director: Nazareno Guerra
Argentina, 2017, Experimental

96. Waking Light
Director: Chabat Max
France, 2017, Fiction

97. Esa Misma Noche/ That Same Night
Director: Mat Cruz
Spain, 2018, Experimental

98. Amsterdam: short story/ Amsterdam – kratka priča
Director: Zoran Ilić
Srbija, 2018, Experimental

99. Ice Plate/Ledena ploča
Director: Zoran Ilić
Srbija, 2019, Experimental

100. Somos de donde quisimos/We are from where we wanted
Director: Román Reyes
Spain, 2019, Fiction

101. Dust
Directors: Mircea Bobina, Natalia Saufert, Marin Bantiuc
Moldova, Republic of, 2017, Experimental

102. Jedan Grad/ One Town
Director: Aleksandar Mirković
Srbija, 2019, Experimental

103. Sorry
Directors: Aitor Marín Correcher, Verónica Ramos
Spain, 2018, Fiction

104. A carnival at night
Director: Helene Rastegar
France, 2019, Experimental

105. Tik Tok – Surrealism
Director: Maria Camila Hoyos
Colombia, 2019, Experimental

106. Interrogation
Director: Ivo Krankowski
United Kingdom, 2018, Experimental

107. The Spell
Director: Elizaveta Kireeva
Russian Federation, 2018, Experimental

108. See Beyond
Director: George Dorobanțu
Romania, 2019, Experimental

109. Graffiti
Director: Rick Niebe
Italy, 2018, Experimental

110. The Choice
Director: Alberto Vianello
Italy, 2018, Fiction

111. Merdevići, zgibići i ostali poslići/ Ladder-up, chin-up and other business
Director: Lazar Bačkonja
Srbija, 2019, Animation

112. The Silence
Director: Leblanc Bastien
Italy, 2019, Experimental

113. Wolves at Night
Director: Fernanda Resende Serradourada
Brazil, 2019, Animation

114. Glimpse
Director: Ch M Zerak Gul
Pakistan, 2019, Animation

115. Blessed
Director: Hanna Ojala
Finland, 2019, Experimental

116. Real Life
Director: Camila Mezzetti
United States, 2019, Animation

117. Evanescent
Director: Louis-Jean Decazes
France, 2018, Experimental

118. Autoportret/ Self-portrait
Director: Milica Spasojević
Srbija, 2017, Animation

119. Pretty Man
Directors: Dimitri Castiglioni, Clément Le Couviour
France, 2018, Fiction

120. Protect the Animals
Director: Lyu Yinchu
China, 2018, Animation