Nina Kreuzinger

Journalist and analog photographer/cinematographer: Super8, 16mm, 35mm and 6×6/6×9 medium formats. Born in 1976, lives in Vienna, Austria. She studied German Philology, Social and Communication Sciences at the Vienna University. In 1997 she started working for international newspapers. From 2008 until 2012 she studied Artistic Photography and Independent Film with Friedl Kubelka, VALIE EXPORT and Peter Tscherkassky. Then she worked for productions of Ulrich Seidl („Paradise: Love“) and Albert Sackl („In the Open“, nominated for the European Film Awards 2012). Her short films were shown at festivals in e.g. Belgrade, Montréal, Glasgow, Brussels, Albuquerque and Frankfurt.

Vedran Šuvar

Born in Zagreb in 1980. He studied theoretical physics and mathematics at PMF since 1999. Since 2001, he started working on films, first in his own production, and since 2003 in the production of Kinoklub Zagreb. In addition to the author’s work in the KKZ from 2004 to 2006, he also performs the function of a technical secretary, followed by a production director and a member of the executive board. In 2006, he enrolled at the Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb, Department of Production. Since 2012 he has been the President of the KKZ when he wrote the Manifest of an Amateur Film. With his author’s films and films he produced, he participated in numerous domestic and international film festivals and magazines. So far, he has produced over 100 films. He wrote film reviews for the magazine Zarez and performed the work of the producer of the 40th Revue of Film and Video Creativity organized by HFS and KKZ and Croatian Film Days 2009.

Senka Domanović

Born 1982 in Belgrade. After finishing high school she enrolls studies of journalism at Faculty of Political Sciences and private film school Square. In 2005 she enrolls Film and TV directing at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts from which she graduated in 2011 with a feature-length omnibus film October. From 2007 she has been working for numerous film and TV productions. Occupied Cinema (2018) is her debut featured film. At the moment she is in postproduction with her short fiction film Patrimony.