Selector’s short statement

Despite the health crisis, this year’s entries were the wittiest so far. This selection shows that social uncertainty can be a stimulus for the directors of the shortest films. Authors with a sense of irony, capable to process the weight of existence with dramatic humor and to equate the situation of home isolation with the notion of critical distance, bring optimism when it comes to the future of short forms.

As a symbolic example of the career of Slavko Vorkapich, this avant-garde and at the same time classical Hollywood artist, we named the programs of the seventh edition of the festival The Magnificent Seven- Hollywood Heroes, as our humorous contribution to the overseas cinema and the roles of small and big films in it.

Mr. Vorky rides again.

Marko Kostić (film director, Belgrade)

Selected one- minute films on the festival 



  1. My brother in a skateboard park

director: Nikolina Santovac

Serbia, 2019, Animation

  1. Clay by Andrej

director: Alex Djordjević

USA, 2019, Documentary

  1. The Deal

direktor: Paul Kennedy

Ireland, 2019, Fiction

  1. The camp fire

director: Peter Koeller

Canada, 2019, Experimental

  1. Sun loop

director:  Igal Stulbach

Israel, 2019, Experimental

  1. The Goblin Valley

director: Wendy Ennis

USA, 2019, Experimental

  1. Extracted

director: Michael Pieper

USA, 2019, Fiction

  1. To the beach

director: Chris Furby

United Kingdom, 2019, Animation

  1. The Debt

director: Colin Ash

United Kingdom, 2019, Fiction

  1. Billboard

director: Zoran Ilić

Serbia, 2019, Experimental

  1. Fiction Return

director: Mostafa Gholami

Iran, Islamic Republic of, 2018,  Experimental

  1. Hunt

director: Louis Norris

United Kingdom, 2019, Experimental

  1. Poèmes

director: Jérémy Griffaud

France, 2017, Experimental

  1. Stray Thoughts

director: Jeff Vande Zande

USA, 2019, Fiction

  1. Gossip Ghouls

director:  Desmond Confoy

USA, 2018, Fiction

  1. Photo

director: Vladimir Karpychev

Ukraina, 2019, Fiction

  1. Lambkin the Magnificent

director: Robert David Duncan

Canada, 2019, Experimental

  1. Rollie the Happy Log

director: Robert David Duncan

Canada, 2020, Experimental

  1. Face of the Forest

director: Robert David Duncan

Canada, 2020, Experimental

  1. Sad Block

director: Robert David Duncan

Canada, 2019, Experimental

  1. Sorrow of Old Toys

director: Robert David Duncan

Canada,  2019, Experimental

  1. Trees are Talking

director: Robert David Duncan

Canada,  2019, Experimental

  1. Quick thoughts about rainbows

director: Ian Johnston

Canada,  2018, Documentary

  1. Texan sundey morning

director: Ian Johnston

Canada, 2018, Documentary

  1. Morning Coffee

director: Ian Johnston

Canada, 2016, Documentary

  1. This was a crazy year

director: Rupert Jörg

Germany, 2019, Experimental

  1. Into Fog

director: Lito Caraballo

USA, 2019, Fiction

  1. A Flying Squirrel’s Tale

director: Paul Kelly

USA, 2019, Experimental

  1. Little Home

director: Reham Emam

Egypt, 2018, Experimental

  1. We’re beautiful

director: Zhou Hongxiang

China, 2020, Experimental

  1. Chinese Culture

director: Dale Zhou

USA, 2020, Experimental

  1. My happiness

director: Polly Lobas

Romania, 2020, Documentary

  1. Here we are

directors: Hristina Belousova, Dante Rustav

Kazakhstan, 2020, Experimental

  1. Photo

director: Roman Sinitsyn

Russian Federation, 2019,  Fiction

  1. Time to eat

director: Houssam Jlelati

Syrian, Arab Republic,  2019, Documentary

  1. Empathy

director: Larry Colsa

Spain,  2018, Fiction

  1. Train

director: Conrado Ares

Argentina,  2019, Fiction

  1. Loop 34: Ryoanji

director: Michael Lyons

Japan, 2017, Experimental

  1. Itapajé

director: Marx Braga

Brasil, 2020, Experimental

  1. Inner Hell

director: Natalia Ryss

Israel, 2019, Animation

  1. Family views

director: Mikel Gil

Spain, 2019,  Fiction

  1. Event

director: Srđan Šarović

Serbia, 2019, Experimetal

  1. Love At First Sight

director: Jake Bentley

United Kingdom, 2020, Fiction

  1. Tormentango

director: Rodrigo Pardo

Argentina, 2020, Experimental

  1. Childhood Memories

director: Paulo César Fajardo

Portugal, 2019, Fiction

  1. Let Me Dance

director: Tania Kamal-Eldin

Egypt, 2020, Documentary

  1. Always About Love

director: Robert David Duncan

Canada, 2020, Experimental

  1. Nude Landscapes

director: Luís Damas

Portugal,  2006, Experimental

  1. The Terminal

director: Haruka Motohashi

USA, 2020, Documentary

  1. The Father of Trees

director: Teymour Ghaderi

Iran, Islamic Republic of, 2019, Documentary

  1. Less

director: Mohammad Zamani

Iran, Islamic Republic of, 2020,  Experimental

  1. Dog Report

director: JMDF

USA, 2019,  Experimental

  1. Film Crew in Quarantine

director: Robertas Nevecka

Lithuania, 2020, Animation

  1. That’s Garbage!

director: Jenell Diegor

Canada, 2020, Experimental

  1. 4th Street Pocket

director: Judith Redding

USA, 2018, Experimental

  1. Butterfly Man

director:  Enis Manaz

Turkey, 2020, Documentary

  1. Murphy’s Law n°2

director: Valerio Galli

Italy, 2020, Fiction

  1. Covabortion

director: Altay Erlik

Turkey, 2020, Fiction

  1. Do you love me?

director: Damjan Maslovarić

Serbia, 2020, Fiction

  1. Swamp monster

director: Igor Elovskih

Russian Federation, 2019, Experimental

  1. Impasse #4

director: Filip Markovinović

Serbia, 2019, Animation

  1. Impasse #5

director: Filip Markovinović

Serbia, 2019, Animation

  1. The Chair

director: Joe Bor

United Kingdom, 2020, Fiction

  1. Heaven, Purgatory, Hell

director: Saša Petrović

Serbia, 2020, Experimetal

  1. 193 Octillion

director: Anya Tsyrlina

Russian Federation, 2020, Fiction

  1. Heaven

director: Reza Moayedi

Iran, Islamic Republic of , 2018, Fiction

  1. Order 66

director: John Farrelly

Ireland, 2020, Fiction

  1. Orange

director: Rubén Giuliani

United Kingdom,  2018, Experimental

  1. 13 Stairs

director: Lazar Bačkonja

Serbia, 2020, Animation

  1. Prelude

director: Rick Niebe

Italy, 2019, Experimental

  1. Pandemia

director: Manuel Fernando Garcia Plata

Colombia,  2019 , Animation

  1. Greening Korea

director: Finn Harvor

Korea, Republic of a,  2019, Documentary

  1. Water boy

director: Farah Abou Kharroub

Lebanon, 2020, Documentary

  1. The Condemned

director: Nima Daneshmand

Iran, Islamic Republic of, 2019, Fiction

  1. Der Offizier

director: Olof Berghe

Sweden, 2019, Fiction

  1. Look

director: Ileana Andrea Gomez Gavinoser

Argentina,  2018,  Animation

  1. Impasse #8 Covid-19 special

director: Filip Markovinović

Serbia,  2020,  Animation

  1. Neighbours

director: Alena Tsygankova

Russian Federation, 2020, Dance

  1. Grandma

director: Bebis Luengo

Chile, 2020, Animation

  1. Gymnastic – Stay home

director: Konstantin Mosencov

United Kingdom, 2020, Animation