Considering one-minute films, most of this year’s program consists of works by domestic authors. Nine years ago, there were almost no domestic productions at the first edition of the festival, and now the largest number of the shortest films in the world (ten) arrived from Serbia. Authors Nikolina Santovac, Zoran Ilic, Petar Backonja, Lazar Backonja, Zeljko Petrovic, Katarina Sapun, Nikol Jagec and Milica Stojanovic participate in the competition for the best domestic/Serbian one-minute film, as well as for other awards in the selection (except for the award given exclusively for the best foreign film).

As for the general impression of the films, the feeling of a global crisis in which environmental, health, economic and political troubles seem to follow each other, seems to have formed a kind of distance of the authors towards the world around them. Descriptions of anxious social conditions and melancholic poetic feelings show the absence of political pragmatism in the engaged character of their work. It seems that these films offer a motive for public discussion and theoretical analysis even more than the practical meaning of their own production. Therefore, having in mind the fact that the editing-directorial method of Professor Slavko Vorkapich served as an inspiration to many film theorists, as well as our desire for the festival to be as adequately theoretically accompanied (to the extent that it inspires the practice of making one-minute films), we dedicate the new edition of the festival to written and oral interpretations of the seventh art, both on film and around film. Mister Vorky, Book Nine: Theory and Film.

9. MISTER VORKY – SELECTION of one-minute films 2022.


  1. Voda/Water

Director: Katarina Sapun

Serbia, 2021, Dokumentary


2.Shadow play

Director: Chris Furby

United Kingdom, 2021, Experimental


  1. Cuilcagh

Directors: Paweł Kleszczewski, Katarzyna Zimnoch

Poland, 2021, Animation


  1. Miss You Too Daddy

Director: Namo Safideen

Sweden, 2021, fiction


  1. Breathless

Director: Christian Schneider

Portugal, 2021, Experimental


  1. To accept myself

Director: Tatyana Tyo

Uzbekistan, 2021, Animation


  1. 우리집/ Our Home

Director: Finn Harvor

Republic of Korea, 2021, Experimental


  1. Each Had Their Roll

Director: Brett Russell

United States, 2021, fiction


  1. Just a show

Directors: Mustapha Benghernaout, Boukef Mohamed Taher Shawki

Algeria, 2021, Animation


  1. Dance With Samantha

Director: John Watson

Canada, 2021, Experimental


  1. I remember Heidemarie Schwermer

Director: Zoran Ilić

Serbia, 2021, Experimental


  1. News

Director: Sayed  Mohsen Hossaini

Afghanistan, 2021, Documentary


  1. The Circle

Director: Behzad Yaghmouri

Iran, 2020, Animation


  1. I just need love

Director: Jake J. Meniani

United Kingdom, 2018, fiction


  1. Pandemic

Director: Direk Bee

Philippines, 2021, Experimental


  1. Family affair

Director: Malikakhon Zaynutdinova

Uzbekistan, 2022, Animation


  1. Camilla Can Cantata

Director: Ebba Jahn

Germany, 2021, Experimental

  1. Translation

Director: Omer Faruk Baran

Turkey, 2022, fiction


  1. Damola in Her Mother’s Dress

Director: Adedolapo Boluwatife Abimbola

Nigeria, 2019, Experimental


  1. Bad Dog/Bad Cat

Director: Molly Brown

United Kingdom, 2022, Animation


  1. Šetnja i razgovor/Walk and talk

Director: Petar Bačkonja

Serbia, 2022, fiction


  1.  Insert

Director: Hassan Mokhtari

Iran, 2021, Experimental


  1. Working From Home

Director: Molly Brown

United Kingdom, 2020, Animation


  1. Nine

Director: Behzad Yaghmouri

Iran, 2020, Experimental


  1. I am eighty years old

Director: Roman Sinitsyn

Russian Federation, 2021, Documentary


  1. TKO

Director: Oliver Smith

United States, 2021, Experimental


  1. Rebel Hall

Director: Hassan Mokhtari

Iran, 2021, Animation


  1. All of Us

Directors: Pär Sparresäter, Isabelle Hyrske

Sweden, 2022, fiction


  1. One Day it Snowed in Cairo

Director: Reham Emam

Egypt, 2021, Experimental


  1. Fried Chicken Mask


United States, 2020, Animation


  1. 5 Јулија/5 Julias

Director: Milica Stojanović

Serbia, 2022, Experimental 


  1. Antactica in 1 min

Director: Jivko Konstantinov

Bulgaria, 2020, Documentary


  1. Chronos

Director: Emmanuel Dubois

France, 2020, Experimental

  1. Dilemma

Director: Reza Golchin

Iran, 2022, documentary


  1. Thank you

Director: Gustav Lillebror Ekander

Sweden, 2022, fiction


  1. A moment of silence

Director: Konstantia Sofokleous

Cyprus, 2021, Animation


  1. Spookids

Directors: Vivianne Steiner, Aurélie Schneider, Lucie Schneider, Claire Walka

France, 2021, Experimental


  1. Ask The Super 8 Magic Ball

Director: Jonathan Riles

United States, 2022, Animation


  1. A thousand kisses deep

Director: Kang Le

Taiwan, 2022, Experimental


  1. The True Story

Director: Erdal Eren

Turkey, 2022, documentary

  1.  Maramice/ Tissues Issues

Director: Lazar Bačkonja

Serbia, 2022, Animation


  1. Save the bees

Director: Nikolina Santovac

Serbia, 2022, Animation


  1. Grace

Director: Ardian-Christian Kyçyku

Romania, 2022, Experimental


  1. It´s going to be here

Director:  Amaia San Sebastián

Spain, 2021, Fiction


  1. Syzygy

Director: Kunal Biswas

India, 2022, Experimental


  1. Market Alive III

Director: Finn Harvor

Republic of Korea, 2021, Documentary


  1. Ligeia

Director: Francesca Svampa

Italy, 2022, Experimental


  1. Klubok

Director: Surayyo Tashpulatova

Uzbekistan, 2021, Animation


  1. Scent 

Director: Sezgin Yüzay

Turkey, 2021, Experimental


  1. Sheep

Director: Dmitry Dias

Latvia, 2022, fiction


  1. it’s time

Director: Benna Gaean Maris

Belgium, 2020, Experimental


  1. IG appear

Director: Dunja Janićijević

Serbia, 2022, Experimental


  1. The Crumbs

Director: Stanislav Domanský

Czech Republic, 2022, Documentary


  1. Happy Birthday

Director: Dale Zhou

United States, 2020, Experimental


  1. Alisia

Director: Francisco Hervada Martín

Spain, 2021, Fiction


  1. Vortex

Director: Shrikant Prabhu

India, 2021, Experimental


  1. Futile Attempts

Director: Evgeniya Papina

Uzbekistan, 2022, Animation


  1. Stroke / Woman

Director: Elvert Bañares

Philippines, 2022, Experimental


  1. Summer morning/Ljetno jutro

Director: Stanka Gjurić

Croatia, 2021, fiction


  1. Idea

Director: Ebba Jahn

Germany, 2021, Experimental


  1. Breaking News

Director: Janne Tavares

Sweden, 2021, Experimental


  1. Alone On The Beach/ Sam na plaži

Director: Zoran Ilić

Serbia, 2021, Documentary


  1. The Killing Beauty

Director: Weiss Majewski

Lithuania, 2022, fiction


  1. Field Pig

Director: Robert David Duncan

Canada, 2020, Experimental


  1. The Letter/ Pismo

Director: Mija Žnidarič

Slovenia, 2022, Animation


  1. Momentum

Director: Nichita Boico Gaghen

Israel, 2021, Experimental


  1. Drzewo z białymi kwiatami/Tree with white flowers

Director: Roy Maltby

Poland, 2021, Documentary


  1. Ina blink of an eye

Director: Anabela Costa

France, 2019, Animation


  1. Borders

Director: Reham Emam

Egypt, 2019, Experimental


  1. Winter — solitude

Director: Finn Harvor

Republic of Korea, 2021, Experimental


  1. Pollen

Director: Weiss Majewski

Lithuania, 2020, fiction


  1. Fur hat is not just a hat

Director: Željko Petrović

Serbia, 2022, Animation


  1. Three days

Director: Luis Alberto Martín

Spain, 2021, Documentary


  1. Alive

Director: Bastien Leblanc

France, 2021, Experimental


  1. The cocoon thread

Directors: Ivo Reis and Vanessa Fernandes

Portugal, 2021, Experimental


  1. Papercut

Director: Marina Fastoso

Italy, 2020, Experimental


  1. October Eleventh

Directors: Damian Gonzalez and Jeremy Weinstein

United States, 2022, Experimental


  1. Pandora

Director: Kamran Hooshmandian

Iran, 2022, Experimental


  1. Supply

Director: Pierre Yves Clouin

France, 2019, Experimental


  1. GodardLess

Director: Ali Najafi

Iran, 2021, Experimental


  1. Vision of venus

Director: Nikol Jagec

Serbia, 2022, Experimental