Selected films on the festival 4th MISTER VORKY, 2017


Selector’s Statement
The main competition program of this year’s festival, Mister Vorky, will screen 105 films. As every year, there will be animated, documentary, fiction, and experimental one-minute films. The theme of this year’s accompanying program is – Money On Film, but there will be also films with the same topic in the competition. In regards to the chosen pieces, I have devoted great attention to the films with literary aspirations of the authors, films that experiment with poetry and not only with visual artistic understanding of the film language. This year, such „poetry pieces“ will be in greater number than before. Also, the selection of domestic, Serbian one-minute film is stronger than ever before. I would particularly recommend the film The Three Sisters by Jelena Spaic and Zoran Djurkovic.
See you at the festival!

Marko Kostic (film director, Belgrade)


  1. AIR BEGGARS, Director: Mira Lane United States, 2016,Experimental film

  2. .littletrip, Director: Luis Ales,Portugal, 2016, Animated film

  3. A MERMAID, Director: Ileana Andrea Gómez Gavinoser, Argentina, 2015, Animated film

  4. NO SENSE, Director: Ileana Andrea Gómez Gavinoser,Argentina, 2016, Animated film

  5. TEARror, Director: Mr Joshua Ngiam, Singapore, 2017, Animated film

  6. OUR SG DOLLAR, Director:  Mr Joshua Ngiam,  Singapore 2017, Animated film

  7. I CANT REMEMBER YOUR NAME, Director: H. C. Turk, United States, 2015, Animated film

  8. JOURNEY/PUTOVANJE, Režija/Director: Tara Vulović, Srbija, 2017, Eksperimentalni film/ Experimental film

  9. WINTER, Director: Malas Twins,  Syrian Arab Republic, 2016, Fiction film

  10. THE INSPECTIVE MACHINE, Director: Jorge Mario Zuleta, Costa Rica, 2016, Experimental film

  11. OUTSIDE MARXS DOG, Director: Jorge Mario Zuleta,  Costa Rica, 2016, Experimental film

  12. FOGETTE, Director:  Jorge Mario Zuleta, Costa Rica, 2016, Experimental film

  13. RESILIENCE,  Director:  Jorge Mario Zuleta, Costa Rica, 2016, Experimental film

  1. mOksh, Director: Abhinav Vats Schamber,  United States, 2017, Experimental film

  2. TAKE 2, Director: Enrique Ortega,  Spain, 2017, Fiction film

  3. THE AIRPLANE, Director: Jesús Martínez Nota& Jotoni, Spain, 2016,Animated film

  4. BeeBoy, Directors: Sadko Hadžihasanović&Hanna Jovin, Canada, 2016, Animated film

  5. ME INSPIRING DEATH, Director:  Dimitar Dimitrov, Bulgaria, 2016, Animated film

  6. KANSAY’S GLORIUS DEATH, Director: Chris Sagovac, United States,2016, Animated film

  7. ORANGE, Director: Maximilien Luc Proctor, Germany, 2016, Experimental film

  8. THE OLD MAN AND THE SEA, Director: Clyde James Aragon, United States, 2016, Experimental film

  9. THE LIGHT IN THE DARK, Directors: Victoriia  Džaparidze & Kseniia Belčenko, Russian Federation, 2017, Animated film

  10. ES MÜ Z’ÄNG, Director: Lalita Brunner, Switzerland, 2015, Animated film

  11. THE ONE SURE THING, Režija/Director: Bogdan Bošnjak, Hrvatska, 2016, Igrani film/ Fiction  film

  1. MEAL, Director: Coalfather Industries, United States, 2016, Experimental film

  2. POSITION, Director: Vladimir Bayandin, Russian Federation, 2017, Fiction film

  1. DARKER THAN BLACK, Director:  Hassan Mokhtari, Iran, Islamic Republic of, 2017, Animated film

  2. PLEASE SEE ME, Director: Hassan Mokhtari, Iran, Islamic Republic of, 2017, Fiction film

  1. BROKEN HEART, Director: Scott Ennis, United States, 2016, Experimental film

  2. CHANGING CARS, Director: Levi White, United States, 2017, Animated film

  3. WHERE IS HOME?, Director: Asad Nazari, Sweden, 2016, Experimental film

  4. PAILLETTE, Director: Danit Elgev, Netherlands, 2015, Experimental film

  5. SZPILMAN’S PIANO, Director: Tosh Leykum, Germany, 2017, Documentary film

  6. RAIN, Director: Motahareh Ahmadpour, Iran, Islamic Republic of, 2017, Animated film

  1. MAKE MUSIC, NOT WAR, Directors: Denys Kushnarov& Oles Seredytskyi, Ukraine, 2015, Documentary film

  2. THERE IS A PLACE, Director: Denys Kushnarov, Ukraine, 2016, Documentary film

  3. OBSERVER, Director: José Paulo Santos, Portugal, 2017, Fiction film

  4. AMNESIA, Director: Gala Shiyan, Russian Federation, 2016, Fiction film

  5. HARIHARA JEWELERS AD, Director: Vamshi Krishna Kandukuri, India, 2015, Advertising film

  1. RUSH, Director: Molly Brown, United Kingdom, 2017, Experimental film

  2. ENTANGLED, Director: Jenae Hall, Australia, 2016, Animated film

  3. HAPPETIZER, Director: Vera Sebert, Austria, 2016, Experimental film

  4. OVER, Director: José David Apel, Argentina, 2016, Fiction film

  5. SHADOWS OF A RADIO IN THE EAST, Director: Nacho Recio, Spain, 2016, Experimental film

  1. OBSERVATION OF HAWKS IN THE SKY, Director: Daniel Asadi Faezi, Pakistan, 2016,Experimental film

  2. UTOPIA, Director: Daniel Zagórski, Poland, 2015, Animated film

  3. THE LAST MINUTE, Director: Anae Bilodeau, Canada, 2015, Animated film

  4. #9 DICEN DE TODO (They say a little bit of everything), Director: Elena Saenz, Spain, 2016, Experimental film

  1. NIGHT NIGHT, Director: Golnaz Moghaddam, Iran, Islamic Republic of, 2016, Animated film

  1. CASCABEL, Director: Ignacio F. Rodó, Spain, 2016, Fiction film

  2. THE LINE, Director: Hamid Borzooey, Iran, Islamic Republic of, 2017, Animated film

  3. KITSUNE, Director: Guillermo P. Bosch, Spain, 2016, Animated film

  4. BEINGS OF NATURE, Directors: Cristina Barriguete & Joaquín Murad, Spain, 2016, Dance film

  5. 3 SESTRE/ 3 SISTERS, Režija/Directors: Jelena Spaić i Zoran Đurković, Srbija, 2016,  Eksperimentalni film/ Experimental film

  6. BLACKBOARD, Director: Reza Golchin, Iran, Islamic Republic of, 2016, Experimental film

  1. MELTING POP, Director: Alexandre Dubosc, France, 2015, Animated film

  2. EARLY WISH (NOT A BALLERINA), Director: Hetty van Oordt, Netherlands, 2016, Animated film

  3. THE IDEAL CRASH, Director: Roberto Voorbij, Netherlands. 2015, Experimental film


  5. THE VIEW, Director: Diana Kasem, Syrian Arab Republic, 2016, Experimental film

  6. WINTER, Director: Ji Yoon Chung, Germany, 2017, Animated film

  7. BUN BUN BLAST, Director: Drake Tuura, Canada, 2017, Animated film

  8. ARMACEDON, Director: Bruno Veljanovski, 2016, Macedonia, the former Yugoslav Republic of, Fiction film

  9. MIND, Director: Samuel Carrillo, Mexico, 2017, Animated film

  10. SAISUNEE, Director: Oradol Kaewprasert, Thailand, 2016, Documentary film

  11. THE P.S. BOTOXBABE MACHINE, Director: Janetta Abbenbroek, Netherlands, 2017,Animated film

  12. CHILDRENS RIGHT, Director: Solmaz Etemad, Iran, Islamic Republic of, 2017, Experimental film

  1. ALONE VIDEO, Director: Robert Burks, United States, 2016, Fiction film

  2. SANDMAN, Director: Joseph Monahan, United Kingdom, 2015, Fiction film

  3. SOFAHOLIC, Director: Nicolás Petelski, Spain, 2016, Animated film

  4. THE FINE LINE BETWEEN SELF CONTROL AND SELF ABUSE, Director: Kathryn Olson, United States, 2016, Animated film

  5. OPEN YOUR MIND JUST A MINUTE, Director: Rudi Uran, Slovenia, 2015, Experimental film

  6. THE AMUSEMENT PARK, Director: Baining Ku, United States, 2016, Experimental film

  7. DANCING CUBED, Director: Tony Prieto, United States, 2017, Experimental film

  8. BERLIN REMIXED, Director: Luis Bezeta, Spain, 2016, Experimental film

  9. UNHAPPY ANIMAL, Director: Robert David Duncan, Canada, 2016, Experimental film

  10. MACROICARUS, Director: Viktor Hertz, Sweden, 2017, Experimental film

  11. STUDIES OF LIFE, Director: Rahim Moledina, United Kingdom, 2017, Experimental film

  12. SOLAR FISHING, Director: Gilles Vuillard, France, 2016, Experimental film

  13. MISANDVENTURES OF MOROCCAN (ACTOR), Director: Rogelio Sastre,Spain, 2016, Fiction film

  1. MISSING, Director: Rahim Moledina, United Kingdom, 2017, Experimental film

  2. FOUNDATIONS, Director: Rahim Moledina, United Kingdom, 2017, Experimental film

  3. WONT RECORD, Director: Rahim Moledina, United Kingdom, 2017, Experimental film

  4. EXPERIMENTAL NO.3/SPIRITS PASSING THROUGH MY HOME, Director: Atton Paul, United States, 2017, Experimental film

  5. BLOGAVISTA, Director: Zachary Weinstein, United States, 2016, Animated film

  6. ARISTMENA’S GALLERY ROOM, Director: Jorjesús, Spain,2017, Experimental film

  7. THE LAST NIGHT OF THE RUSSIAN MONARCHY, Director: Yana Uvarova, Russian Federation, 2017, Experimental film

  8. NIGHTMARE ENDLESS, Director: Jorge F. de Souza, Brazil, 2015,  Animated film

  9. ČOVEK/ THE MAN, Režija/Director: Marko Mutavdžić, Srbija,2017, Igrani film/ Fiction film

  10. VIDEO015, Režija/Director: Petar Vakić, Srbija, 2017, Eksperimentalni film/ Experimental film

  11. GDE MUZIKA POČINJE /WHERE THE MUSIC BEGINS, Režija/Director: Vladimir Antić,Srbija, 2017, Igrani film/ Fiction film

  12. PUPI/ BUDDING, Režija/Director: Zoran Đurković, Srbija, 2016, Eksperimentalni film/ Experimental film

  13. IMAGINATION FOCUS, Režija/Director: Nebojša Rudić, Srbija, 2017, Eksperimentalni film/ Experimental film

  14. LOW COST, Director: Adrian Cuesta, Spain, 2017, Fiction film

  15. MEKNES HAIKUS, Director: Bommenel Yves, France, 2016, Eksperimentalni film/ Experimental film

  16. EFECTO TUNEL, Director: Teresa Marcos. Spain, 2017, Igrani film/ Fiction film

  17. MAD CINEMA, Director: David, Valverde Martínez, Spain, 2016, Experimental film

  18. INTERFERENCIA/INTERFERENCE, Director: Pablo García Sanz, Spain, 2016, Fiction film

  19. OVISNOST/ADDICTION, Režija/Director: Luka Padežanin, Hrvatska, 2017, Igrani film/ Fiction film

  20. A LITTLE BEETLE/“patara xoWo”, Director: Elene Sebiskveradze, Georgia (Gruzija), 2017, Animated film

  21. K, Director: Rick Niebe, Italia, 2017, Experimental film

  22. FRUITLYMPICS, Director: Andre Maat, Netherlands, 2016, Experimental film

  23. JOE VS JOE, Director: Juno Hymaen, United States, 2016, Experimental film

  24. PODIUM – ABBR. Director: Helvecio Parente, Brazil, 2016, Advertising film

  25. THE AUTHOR, Director: Elvert Bañares, Philippines, 2017, Fiction film


The jury of 4th MISTER VORKY


Sunčica Fradelic (Split, Croatia)

Graduated painting at the Art Academy in Split where she worked as an Assistant Professor at the Department of Film and Video. Till 2016 she was the principal associate of Bela Tarr on running the film.factory  Ph.D. program in Sarajevo and attended workshops at the doctoral program. She has been running Kino klub Split since 2008, and since 2011 she is president of the association. She has worked on numerous amateur and professional productions, co-productions and projects as creative director, publisher, editor, mentor, producer…

Radoy Nikolov (Sofia, Bulgaria)

Has an MA and Ph.D. diploma in Film and TV directing from the NATFA (National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts “Kr. Sarafov ” – Sofia, Bulgaria). He worked as a director and creative producer for films, series, TV shows, commercials… His short film “TIR” (2005) has won several awards at international festivals – Royal Television Society London, Best Postgraduate film, 18.Trieste Film Festival, 13th International Film and Television Schools Festival, Lodz, Poland… He likes to play tennis.


Goran Miloradovic (Belgrade, Serbia)

He graduated and received Ph. D. In history at Philosophical Faculty in Belgrade. He works at the Institute for Contemporary History in Belgrade as a senior research fellow. He deals with topics from the history of Central/Eastern Europe: Russia/USSR, Yugoslavia… Particular attention in his work is devoted to the history of ideas and ideologies, social and cultural history. His approaches to research of the past are multidisciplinary and comparative, often using atypical sources and contemporary methodological approaches.